Online XML Sitemap Generator

This free online XML Sitemap Generator tool generates sitemap in XML format from your website URL. Creating an XML sitemap for your website is very easy with our XML Sitemap Generator tool, follow only 2 simple steps.

  • Enter the URL of your website and some optional parameters in the form.
  • Click on the GENERATE SITEMAP button.

That’s enough! the site map for the provided URL will be generated. Also, the XML content of the sitemap would appear with the download link under the sitemap generation form. You can download the sitemap.xml file or copy the sitemap XML content into your sitemap.xml file. Now upload the generated sitemap to your website root directory ( and add the sitemap URL ( in your Google Webmaster account. Not only the Google Webmasters Tool but also add the sitemap URL in Yahoo or Bing Webmaster tools.

What is XML Sitemap?

The sitemap is an XML file that contains the list of URLs for the website. The sitemap is used to inform search engines about URLs of a website for crawling. It allows webmasters to include additional information about each URL. Using sitemap search engines can crawl the site more intelligently.

Sitemap is very important for SEO of a website. You need to submit sitemap of your website in Webmaster tools of search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex allow webmasters to add the sitemap to their website through Webmaster account.