Online QR Code Generator

What is QR Code?

QR code or Quick Response Code is a machine-readable code that contains information about the items to which it is attached. QR code mainly used to store information which can be readable by the camera. You can store various information in a QR Code or Barcode, like, text, URL, contact information, phone number, email, SMS, etc.

How to Generate QR Code Online?

Using our free QR code generator tool, you can easily create QR code image online. Follow the below steps to generate QR code online within a minute.

  • Choose your QR code type.
  • Enter the content of the QR code based on the chosen QR type.
  • Choose QR code image size.
  • Click on the GENERATE QR CODE button.

That’s enough! the QR code will be generated and appear under the form fields. QR code download link will appear beside the QR code image. You can download the QR code image file on your local drive by clicking on the Download link.