Google Map Embed Code Generator


Google Maps Maker by xWebTools is a free map generator tool, that allows creating Google Map for showing a location on your website. You don’t need any programming knowledge to place a Google Map to your website. This free Map generator tool can easily generate Google Map for your desired address.

This free online tool also points the exact location with a marker on the map and display an info window with details information. You can show your business name or any other information in info window on Google Map

How to integrate Google Map to your website?

It takes less than 30 seconds to generate Google Map HTML code which can be easily integrated into your website. Just follow the below steps to generate Google Map embed code.

  • Enter Title which you want to display on infowindow.
  • Enter an address to point the marker and show location on Google Map.
  • Choose map width and height.
  • Select map zoom level.
  • Enter your Google Maps API key.
  • You’ll see the Google Map preview under the form. Once satisfied click “GENERATE MAP CODE”.

That’s enough! copy the generated Google Map HTML and paste it into the webpage where you want to display the Google Map.

How to generate Google Maps API key?

Google Maps API Key can be created from Google API Console and its free. It is very easy and less time required to create a Google Maps API Key. Also, it is required to embed Google map to your website. We recommend you to follow this step-by-step guide for generating an API key – How to Get Google Maps API Key

Why embed Google Map code needed for your website?

Google Map mainly used to display a specific location on Map. It helps the user to find the exact location of the business and reach that location easily. Using embed Google Map code you can easily place a map to the website with pointer and infowindow.